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Arena offers its clientele the Commerce AI, also known as Arena Chat, a sophisticated AI-driven chatbot solution. This product leverages both advanced proprietary machine learning technologies and large language models obtained from premier AI vendors (“Third-Party LLM Providers”). Commerce AI is adept at enhancing customer engagement by providing support answers, detailed product information, and personalized product recommendations directly on the client’s website. The use of Commerce AI and its features is governed by the AI Product Terms described below. Arena reserves the right to periodically update the capabilities and features of Commerce AI.

Commerce AI: This AI-powered chatbot, central to Arena Chat, is designed to seamlessly handle customer support inquiries and product questions, while also being capable of suggesting products from the client’s catalog, thus improving the overall customer experience on the client’s website.

AI Product Terms

Third-Party LLM Provider Processing: When utilizing AI solutions that incorporate LLMs from external providers, such Third-Party LLM Providers will process any personal data included in Inputs or other Client Data as data processors. All processing of personal data will adhere to the Data Processing Agreement (DPA) between Arena and its clients.

Data Processing Location: Currently, services from Third-Party LLM Providers are hosted exclusively in the United States. Clients utilizing Commerce AI agree that their data will be processed within the United States, as detailed on our sub-processors information page.

ePHI Data Responsibility: Any Business Associate Agreement between a client and Arena excludes Client Data used within Commerce AI. Clients bear sole responsibility for any electronic protected health information (ePHI) they input into Commerce AI, with Arena not assuming additional ePHI obligations.

Inputs and Outputs: Data, inquiries, content, or information supplied to Commerce AI by clients or their agents (“Inputs”), and the generated responses or results (“Outputs”), are treated as Client Data under the contractual agreement, subject to all pertinent rights, limitations, and obligations. However, clients acknowledge that results generated by third parties (“Third-Party Results”) that are identical or similar to Outputs do not belong to them.

Output Accuracy: Outputs may contain inaccuracies and might not always reflect the most current or complete information. Clients should not present Outputs as human-generated. Arena disclaims all representations or warranties regarding Outputs’ accuracy.

Usage Rights: Clients grant Third-Party LLM Providers the right to use Inputs and Outputs, or other Client Data, as necessary for providing and maintaining Commerce AI, complying with laws, and enforcing policies. Arena restricts Third-Party LLM Providers from using Client Data for enhancing their general services.

Use Restrictions: In line with the general service agreement, clients commit that:

  1. Their use of Commerce AI will adhere to the Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) and not infringe any third-party or Open AI policies, nor will it be utilized to create content for political campaigns or content promoting violence or significant harm.
  2. They will source help center content exclusively from publicly accessible or explicitly authorized sources, ensuring legality and authorization for its use.
  3. They will not, nor allow others to, use Commerce AI for developing competitive models, data extraction, or information inference aimed at uncovering underlying technologies (except as permitted by law).
  4. They are fully accountable for any usage of Commerce AI, including Inputs provided, as if such usage were directly performed by the client.

Usage Monitoring and Limitations: Arena reserves the right to monitor and potentially restrict or suspend access to Commerce AI if usage patterns suggest potential security risks, operational disruptions, contractual violations, or liability concerns. No service level agreements are applicable to Commerce AI.

Last Updated May 10, 2024. Arena reserves the right to update these terms from time to time.

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