How is Arena avoiding harmful hallucinations or biases?

Arena AI is most effective for providing visitors with recommendations based on your publicly available content. It is intended to be a helpful tool.
We have implemented internal guardrails and processes, both automated and human, that protect against certain types of harmful hallucinations, including but not limited to:
1. Explicit content
2. Hateful speech
3. Violence
Additionally, we continuously monitor AI responses through random sampling and adversarial testing, among other methods. However, as we rely on a third party language model, any unforeseen hallucinations or biases may reflect the language models’ inherent vulnerabilities. Such incidents do not reflect Arena’s views. When appropriate, Arena will help the Customer understand and improve upon provided Services so that such incidents can be avoided in the future.
Arena AI Services are not intended to replace editorial standards. We recommend that you always validate the accuracy of content generated by Arena AI before relying on it for critical workflows.

What language models are available for use?

Currently, we only offer OpenAI’s GPT-4 Turbo and GPT-3.5 as the underlying AI models. In the future, we plan to expand our offerings to include other AI models based on demand and fit. If you’re interested in collaborating on a project together for a particular model, please feel free to reach out here. We will be in touch shortly!

What, if any, data do you store?

We only store an internal representation of all the data you provide us, along with meta-data that we collect. All our data policies are in compliance with laws and regulations of the jurisdictions in which you may operate in. If you have any specific questions, please free to reach out to a member of our sales team here and we will assist you appropriately.

What, if any, customizations do you offer?

You can customize Commerce AI in a variety of ways:
1. AI Temperature – you can select the AI response to be precise, more balanced, or more creative. This will make the AI respond to each question in that manner
2. You can also specify the length of the AI response
3. You can specify the first message that the AI should ask the user
4. You can also customize the icon prompts that will activate your customers to talk to your Commerce AI
More customizations (colors, icons,etc) are coming soon! If you want to use Commerce AI in a particular way, just reach out to us and we will connect with you to serve your needs appropriately.

What are Product Cards?

Product Cards increase conversions from your visitors by surfacing product descriptions and URLs to buy them. Product Cards are enabled by default for every Commerce AI conversation, but we will soon introduce optionality to enable or disable the feature. They are particularly useful for E-commerce and Affiliate commerce industries.

If your use case requires any customization with the feature, schedule some time with a member of our team to chat or leave us a message and we will work with you to make it happen.

What are Smart Suggestions?

Smart Suggestions make it easier for your visitors to ask questions to Commerce AI through a set of 3 AI-generated suggestions after each user query. Smart Suggestions are currently disabled by default in order to improve the feature but we will soon introduce optionality to enable or disable the feature.

If your use case requires any customization with the feature, schedule some time with a member of our team to chat or leave us a message and we will work with you to make it happen.

What analytics do you offer?

We offer the following analytics:
Online users – the number of visitors online in real-time
Page Views – Total number of times your widget was loaded in a browser window
Impressions – The number of times product cards were displayed in conversations with visitors
Messages – The number of messages exchanged between the AI and your visitors. Each message is counted separately.
Clicks – Number of clicks by visitors on product cards or related links

We are continuing to enhance our analytics offering rapidly. If you’re interested in certain metrics that will be useful for your business, reach out to us and we will work with you!

What integrations do you offer?

Currently, we offer an integration with Shopfiy. We are working hard to bring other integrations to you. If you’re interested in using Commerce AI with a specific tool, please reach out to a member of a team and request a feature.

Can I ``use`` Commerce AI for a different purpose?

You can use Commerce AI on a wide variety of websites! Our customers have used it for E-commerce, Affiliate commerce, news and sports entertainment, and more. If you are looking for deeper levels of customizations, please reach and see how we can help.

What is a page view?

A page view is a singular instance when a URL is loaded on a browser tab in a window. Each refresh, new tab, or new device visit counts as a separate page view. If you have any questions about how we track page views, please contact a member of our team.

What languages do you support?

Commerce AI supports 26 major languages across the world. The visitors are free to interact in a language of their choice. We are also working on several features that bring better internationalization to Commerce AI. Please reach out if you have any specific needs around internationalization and we will be happy to assist you.


How do you ``train`` the language model?

The “training” process involves collecting the data that you provide (including URLs, spreadsheets, documents, etc) and building a database representation from that data. Think of it as when you’re navigatng on the road, you look out for major landmarks as important markers. Similarly, our database representation is not “exactly” your data, but important markers that allow us to answer questions effectively. This data representation, along with metadata that you provide and we collect, is stored inthird party databases who we contract with. This process is similar to any other AI or software tool you have used in the past!

How do I install Commerce AI?

Installing the Commerce AI is simple! There are three steps:
1. Provide content (such as website URLs) to train the AI with your voice
2. Configure settings and customize widget user experience
3. Go to the “Code Installed” tab on your Arena dashboard and copy the Embed code
4. Go to your website of choice and simply insert that code in the body of your HTML
If you need assistance with any of these steps, please feel free to set up some time with a member of our team here.

What are Related Links?

Related Links help your visitors stay on your website longer by offering links to the products or pages they should visit in order to satisfy their own requests. Related Links are enabled by default for every Commerce AI conversation, but we will soon introduce optionality to enable or disable the feature.

If your use case requires any customization with the feature, schedule some time with a member of our team to chat or leave us a message and we will work with you to make it happen.

How does Commerce AI work with Shopify?

With the Commerce AI + Shopify integration, you can bring your storefront to Arena and we will autotrain and embed a Commerce AI on your store. To do so, follow these three simple steps:

If you are coming from Shopify:
1. Search for “Arena Commerce AI” app in the Shopify marketplace
2. Click on install (don’t worry, you can start for free!)
3. Accept permissions and click install
4. Choose a plan and sign up for Arena
5. You’re set!

If you are coming from Arena:
1. Sign up or Login to Arena dashboard
2. On the left panel, click on “Commerce AI”
3. While setting up a new Commerce AI widget, choose the integrate with Shopify option
4. Authenticate with Shopify account
5. You’re set!

Once you follow these steps, the Commerce AI widget should appear on your Shopify store.
To manage your plan, personalize the widget, and more, sign up or login at app.arena.im

If you have any questions about these steps, or want to learn more, feel free to visit https://www.arena.im/commerceai or schedule a time with a member of our team.

Do I need to resync training content every time?

If you integrate with Shopify, you do not need to resync your content every time! However, if you input URLs manually, you need to resync your training data from time to time. If you need additional automations around this use case, please reach out and see how we can help.

What happens if I reach my page view limit?

Don’t worry! There’s a few different ways in which we handle page view limits:
1. We will send you a reminder when you have utilized 90% of your maximum monthly page view quota. At this moment you may choose to upgrade your plan or take no action
2. When your quota is finished, we will reach out with another email to upgrade your plane. You will have 7 days to take requisite action. Your Commerce AI will continue to function on your current plan for the duration of those 7 days.
3. If those 7 days are exhausted and no action is taken, we will deactivate the widget for the duration of that month. You do not need to take any action. Next month, the widget will be available on your website with your plan’s monthly quota.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to a member of the team and see how we can assist you.


Are there any stipulations with the Starter Plan?

There are no stipulations on the starter plan as long as your usage adheres to our Fair Use policies. We hope you will enjoy using our product and consider a paid tier subscription to serve your business needs!

Can I cancel my subscription any time?

Yes! You can cancel your subscription any time. All cancelations are subject to our refund policies.

How can I upgrade or downgrade my plan?

You can upgrade or downgrade your plan by visiting your profile on the Arena dashboard, or reaching out to a member of our team to assist you.

Can I get a refund?

You’re welcome to cancel your subscription at any point of time, but we’re unable to offer you a refund for a purchase unless you reside in a state where refunds are mandatory. In rare cases, we may consider offering refunds on a case by case basis. If you have any questions, please reach out to a member of the team and we will assist you.

Can I make payments in different currencies?

Yes – our checkout process supports different currencies. If you’re facing difficulties processing your payment or your currency is not listed on our checkout flow, please reach out to a member of our team and we will assist you shortly.

Does Arena offer discounts for new businesses?

Although we don’t have a formal program to support such businesses, we encourage you to try out our product with our free plan. If you have additional questions or would like to explore discounts on our paid plans, please reach out to a member of our team and we will assist you shortly.

Can I get invoices, tax support, and other miscellaneous help?

Although we don’t (yet) have an automatic invoice generator, we’re happy to assist you with any such requests manually. Please reach out to a member of the team.


What is an AI Response?

Every time the Customer or User takes an AI action (including creating new content on Live Blog, sending messages to Concierge, etc.) and receives a response from Arena AI, that counts as an AI response.

What constitutes Customer Data and User Data?

“Customer Data” refers to all data stored by or on behalf of Customer or at Customer’s direction in the Services. This may include data generated by Arena depending on the use of our Services, such as analytics, website traffic, etc.
“User Data” refers to all data that is generated by or for the end-user of the Arena’s Services during the use of Arena’s Services by the Customer.
For a more detailed overview, please refer to our Privacy Policy.

What Constitutes an Input and an Output?

You or the user may provide input to be processed by Arena AI (“Input”), and receive output generated and returned by Arena AI based on the Input (“Output”). Our policies around Input and Output are governed by the policies outlined in this document and the broader Arena data policies.

Additionally, you must ensure that Input and use of Arena AI and Output will not (i) violate any applicable law; (ii) violate these Arena AI Terms, the Agreement or our content and use policies; or (iii) infringe, violate, or misappropriate any of our rights or the rights of any third party. You acknowledge that due to the nature of machine learning and the technology powering Arena AI features, Output may not be unique and Arena AI may generate the same or similar output to a third party.

How is Input Data and Output Data handled by Arena?

Our use of use and customer data follows our privacy policies. We are also GDPR Compliant.
Arena will not use Customer data to train our AI models unless you opt in to a request to share your data. Any information used to power Arena’s AI offerings will be shared with our partners for the sole purpose of providing you with the Arena AI features. Please see a full list of our partners here. In addition to those listed partners, Arena AI uses “OpenAI” as the preferred Language Model provider for its Arena AI offerings.
Arena does not permit others to use your Customer Data to train the machine learning models used for Arena AI. Your use of the Arena AI does not grant Arena any right or license to your Customer Data to train our machine learning models.

What constitutes a request to share data with Arena?

Artificial intelligence and machine learning models can improve over time to better address specific use cases. We may use data we collect from your use of Arena AI to improve our models when you or the user (i) voluntarily provide Feedback to us such as by labeling Output with a thumbs up or thumbs down; or (ii) give us your permission.

If and when we choose to use the data, we will maintain fair and responsible use of data in accordance with our data policies.

Are there Fair Usage Restrictions?

Your use of Arena AI is subject to fair usage restrictions. You acknowledge and agree that if you exceed the usage permitted by your Subscription and Subscription Plan: (i) you may be required to upgrade your Subscription Plan or purchase additional usage to continue accessing and using Arena AI; and (ii) Arena may disable or degrade performance of such Arena AI features.

Do you have a bug bounty program?

We currently don’t have a formal bug bounty program, however, we do request that you share any vulnerabilities or bugs with us by reaching out to ____. We appreciate your support as we continue to enhance the product, and are happy to offer perks/remuneration on a case-by-case basis.

Additionally, Commerce AI is subject to Fair Use terms. Any inappropriate usage, or exploitation of bugs for personal or monetary gain grants us the right to terminate your subscription and/or pursue other measures. We hope that any bugs/vulnerabilities will be reported with the right intentions, and we will work with you to resolve them!

Are there any terms of the subscription agreement?

The subscription plan is subject to fair use policies. You may review other policies like our Data and Privacy policy that may inform your decision to purchase Commerce AI. Please feel free to reach for any assistance.


How would users be notified and expressly consent to sharing data with third parties?

As this requirement differs among Customers as well as jurisdictions, Arena will work with the Customer where necessary to understand User Consent requirements and accordingly provide User facing mechanisms that preserve this User right. The Customer accepts this as a shared responsibility and agrees to provide any relevant context, knowledge sharing, and other measures with Arena necessary to help maintain requisite legal viability.

Can you share implementation code for an internal security audit?

Arena will provide any code implementation necessary for internal security audits. However, by receiving such code, you are expressly agreeing to not share Arena’s proprietary information with external or internal parties or to use the proprietary information for any purpose other than a security audit without the expressed written consent of Arena. We reserve the right to enforce Non-Disclosure Agreements during such information sharing.

Do I need technical skills to use Commerce AI?

No! You do not need any technical skills to need Commerce AI. The product is designed to be easy to use, particularly for businesses that have limited human resources.

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